What Mudras can do and cannot do

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Mudras, What is Mudras

What Mudrās can do and what they cannot
1. Mudrās are very easy to practice.
2. They improve your bodily resistance. With improved resistance power, we can easily overcome any disease.
3. Mudrās have no side effects.
4. Mudrā therapy is safe, and once learned it is literally free of charge.
5. By understanding our bodily constitution (as per Āyurveda), and what we are susceptible to, we use mudrās as a preventive tool.
6. Mudrās can be practiced by anyone, in any condition.
7. Mudrā therapy can be combined advantageous with other forms of treatment: traditional as well as modern. Being a part of yoga and Āyurveda, it goes especially well with yoga practices and Āyurvedic diet.
8. Mudrās are very effective in dealing with chronic conditions; however, for purely physical debilitating conditions like a fracture, cataract, etc., where surgical or strong physical intervention is required, they work slowly.
9. Mudrās should be preferably practiced on an empty stomach.