Mudrās for Water Element

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Mudras, Mudras for Ailments

Mudrās for water element

We are 80% water. Water facilitates the flow of fluids in the body. We need water at an optimum temperature and
at the right viscosity for a proper flow. Water element is a component of both kapha and pitta elements. A disturbance in water component creates a disturbance in both kapha and pitta.

Controlling Water: Jal Shāmak Mudrā

Method: Fold the little finger so that its tip touches the base of the thumb. Cover the little finger with the thumb as shown.

Benefifits : This mudrā decreases the water element, which is the main component of Kapha humor. Hence diseases caused by Kapha elements like runny nose, sinus, excess salivation, and watery eyes can be gradually controlled by this mudrā. Hyperacidity, diarrhea can also be treated with the practice of this mudrā.

Balancing water : Varuṇa Mudrā

Method: Fold the little finger so that its tip touches the tip of the thumb.

Benefits: Varuṇa mudrā helps to increase the water element in the body. Water is present in all bodily juices such as lymph, blood, tears, saliva, mucus, digestive juices, enzymes, hormones, semen, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. This mudrā keeps them properly hydrated so that their functioning is smooth. Also, it keeps the mouth moist, and the secretion of saliva is balanced, which helps to taste and digest the food better. According to  Ayurveda, our digestion improves by tasting the food better. Cramps and dehydration can also be treated effectively.