Mudras For Air Element

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Mudras, Mudras for Ailments

According to  yurveda, all diseases in the body and mind are carried and accelerated by an imbalance of the air element. Air is the primary carrier for both physical as well as mental cargo in the body. Of all elements, air needs to be balanced first. When air is balanced, the disease cannot travel far. Even for the healing to begin in the body, the air element needs to be balanced; otherwise, the cure does not take hold. Therefore we begin this book with the essential mudrā for controlling the Vāyu, or air element. This mudrā is called Vāyu mudrā (“that which controls air”). Most diseases today are psychosomatic. Chronic diseases like diabetes, fatigue, and asthma are caused by mental stress leading to improper eating habits, lifestyle, and sleep. All bad habits lead to an imbalance in air.

Benefits of Air Mudrās: Air controlling and balancing mudrās must be practiced before most other mudrās. Once air is balanced, other elements can be balanced and benefits can be derived. We start with the air control mudrā, or the Vāyu mudrā.

Vāyu (Air Control) Mudrā

Method: Fold the forefinger of each hand to touch the base of each thumb. Now cover the forefingers with the thumbs as shown.

For all therapeutic purposes, mudrās, including this one, should be held for 40 minutes or more. The the more concentrated we hold it, the better the effect.

Benefits: Calms the air pressure in the body and mind, reducing anxiety which in turn is the base for other elements to be controlled. Balances hormonal flow, clears voice and mind.

Special healing properties :
This mudra is very beneficial in problems relating to knee pain and rheumatism and joint related problems. Regular practice of this mudra can reduce the effect of Parkinson’s disease. It is a very good cure for arthritis, paralysis including facial paralysis. Another very effective area is for a stiff neck.

Gyāna Mudrā (Air Balancer)

Method: Join the tips of your Index Finger and thumb to form the Gyān mudrā.

Improves memory and concentration. Gyāna mudrā is used in all sitting meditative poses. Depression, lack of enthusiasm, and lack of clarity can be addressed with Gyāna mudrā. It is also called Abhay Gyāna mudrā, Vāyu Vardhak mudrā, Purna Gyāna mudrā, Dhyān mudrā, This mudra also heals insomnia and also cures lunacy.