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Study Astrology

Study Astrology with Yogi Nataraj

Introductory course

$151 – 6 sessions

The introductory course includes Panchangam (Nakshatra, tithi, vara, yoga and karana) which are the five elements of a day. Also the introduction to the 12 houses, 27 stars and all the elements of a chart

Intermediate course

$301 – 12 sessions

The intermediate course all that which is included in the introductory course. Also included are

  1. How to cast a horoscope
  2. The planetary movements and effects
  3. The placement of planets in different houses and their effects.
  4. Introduction to divisional charts.
  5. Ayanamsa

Complete Course

$501 – 22 sessions

The complete course includes all that is included in the introductory and intermediate course plus

  1. Divisional charts
  2. Reading divisional charts
  3. Prasna
  4. Remedies and individualized remedies.

Mudra Healing

Mudra healing session (40 minutes)


Our Mudra healing session deals with any chronic issue namely, diabetes, asthma, stress, lask of concentration etc. Mudra literally help heal everything. You will be able to practice nicely and heal the body and mind with a nice practice. We will also introduce what we are exactly doing so that you not get the effects but also understand and practice it futher.

Mudra Healing session – 5 sessions

Our Mudra healing sessions are very professional. Book with confidence. We have a great record in healing most chronic health issues. Book 5 sessions and you are sure to get amazing results.

Mudra Study course

Level 1
5 sessions (1 hour each )

Study Mudra course one on one with Yogi Nataraj. The introductory mudra covers the mudras of the five elements. Earth, water, fire air and ether. You will be introduced to 15 healing mudras which deal with these elements, the ayurvedic humors and balancing mudras.

Level 2
10 sessions (1 hour each)


Level 2 mudra course includes all that is included in level 1 plus

  1. Mudras for Detox
  2. Mudras for heat and digestion
  3. Mudras for healing chronic issues

Level 3
15 Sessions (1 hour each)


Level 3 mudra course includes all that is included in level 1 and Level 2 plus

  1. Mudras for meditation
  2. Putting together mudras in a sequence
  3. Mudras for chakras and chakra healing.