What is a Mudra?

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Mudras, What is Mudras

Mudras are beautifully designed scientific hand gestures that originate from the ancient Ayurvedic and yogic texts. People of all ages can practice them. There are no pre-requisites to practice. Although there are many hundreds of mudras, I have picked practical and easy mudras that focus on healing the body and mind. They also improve memory and boost our focus. In a series of articles, we will talk about each mudra and how to practice them.

Brain gets maximum perception from the hands

Our brains get their maximum sense perception from the hands and trigger a response. The percentage of surface area of our brains which is dedicated to receiving a sense perception is dedicated in maximum to the hands. This is used to our advantage in the science of mudras. Each finger is dedicated to a particular element and when the finger is pressed in a particular way as per the science of the mudras there is a beautiful healing response from the brain.

From chronic diseases like diabetes to simple aches and pains, mudras are very useful.

Mudras an evolving science

Great past masters have given us sublime mudras that enable innovative visualization. By following the proper sequence, a focused goal can be achieved. They are mudras for life. The series of these beautiful mudras have been presented in a guided audio format in the guided mudra section.

Join us on this journey

Dive into these healing mudras, boost immunity, heal the body, and heal the mind. Meditate with the guided mudra meditation and achieve calmness and peace. Visualize, progress, and achieve your goals.