by | Oct 31, 2020 | Kriyas, Yoga

Preparation: Take lukewarm saltwater about 1-2 liters in a vessel. Also, get a kunjala kriya pot or a neti pot.

Practice: Now bend your face towards the left side and start pouring water with the neti pot into the right nostril, breathe through the mouth. The water will come out of the left nostril.

Now change hands, bend your face towards the right side, and slowly pour water into the left nostril. Breath through the mouth, water will come out of the right nostril.

Sütra Neti

Preparation: Take a thin thread (say 3 mm thickness) one hand length and then boil it in saltwater.
Note: For practice purposes, we can use a rubber neti sutra, which available readily, and then slowly move on to the thread.

Practice: Slowly push the thread through the nostrils and then take it out through the mouth. Slowly hold both the ends of the ropes and move the rope to gently rub the area of the throat where the rope passes. As it gently rubbed, it slowly removes all the accumulated waste products in the ENT region (i.e., Ear, Nose, and throat).

Benefits: Jala and Sūtra Neti clear the ENT region of all dirt accumulated and purifies the nose region, which helps in deep breathing practices of yoga. Destroys many diseases of the area above the skull like frontal sinuses, poor vision, etc.