Jala Dhauti or Gaja Karani

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Kriyas, Yoga

Jala Dhauti means a technique to cleanse the stomach with saltwater. This helps keep the digestive tract clean and cleanses the body of acidity. This technique is also known as Gaj Karn. Gaj means elephant. When an elephant experiences nausea in the abdomen, it reaches the trunk deep into its gullet and sucks out the stomach’s contents. The technique is, therefore, demonstrated to us by nature. Conclusion: it helps relieve nausea when there is high acidity in the stomach or eaten something indigestible or harmful. This technique may also relieve food allergies and asthma.

Mix two liters of warm water (40°) with one teaspoon of salt. Stand upright and drink the water rapidly glass by glass. Bend forward slightly, press the left hand into the lower abdomen, and partially extend the right hand’s index and middle fingers down the throat. Simultaneously, press the tongue down so that nausea is induced. The entire quantity of the water comes out again in half a minute.

This can be repeated once or twice each week and is best performed in the morning on an empty stomach.

Has a beneficial influence on high acidity, allergies, and asthma. Eliminates halitosis (bad breath).

Do not practice this exercise with high blood pressure or glaucoma.