Deep Colon Cleanse or Shankhaprakshälana

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Kriyas, Yoga

Colon is the part of our body where all the food is finally absorbed and from where the waste is eliminated from the body. Over the years we can end up with a lot of uneliminated toxins in our colon. If we clean our colon once every 2-3 months, we can remain very healthy and focused. Here is a technique to completely wash the colon with saltwater.

Diet after cleanse

After cleansing the colon we need to eat khichri for 2-3 days so that the colon lining is then gradually rebuilt. Please do not take any spicy food as it can burn the sensitive lining.

Preparation : Take about 16 glasses of clean water in a pot. Put in 5-7 tablespoon of salt and heat the water to Luke warm tempera- ture.

Practice : Drink 2 glasses of water sitting in squatting position. After drinking practice the following positions given in the next 3 pages. Once done repeat this for 5-8 cycles with 2 glasses each and the set of practices.

Inhaling lift your hands from and join them at the top, simulta- neously lifting your toes off the ground. Exhaling come down. Repeat 5 times.

Join your hands a the top. Then exhaling. bend right as shown. Inhaling come up.Exhaling now bend left . INhaling come up. Repeat 5 times. on either side.

Inhaling twist left as shown. Exhaling come back and relax. Inhaling now twise right and exhaling relax. Repeat 5 times on either side.

Lie down on the ground. Inhaling come up on the left side as shown. Exhaling come down. Repeat on the opposite side. Re- peat 5 times on each side.

Sit down in a kneeling position. Now press the right foot across the waist, push with left hand and apply little pressure on waist. Similarly repeat on opposite side. Repeat 5 times.

Sit down in kneeling position as shown and push your right leg across the left leg creating a slight pressure in the lower abdo- men. Repeat on the opposite side. Repeat 5 times each side.

Note : After all the rounds of practice is done please take only liquids like lemonades etc on that day. Gradually build up diet over the next few days. No spicy or oily food. Khichri, juices and smoothis are recommended.