Article on Mudras – Part 2

by | Oct 19, 2020 | Mudras, Mudras for Ailments

1)Apana mudra

Element – Fire (thumb) + Space (middle finger) + Earth (ring finger)
A beneficial mudra that helps in Cleansing and detoxifying the body- Apana mudra is one of the most practised one. Works on the lower abdomen glands to cleanse. It even soothes swelling in the body, either due to stress. Therefore it helps in cleansing and maintaining peace in the body

How to practice – touch the tip of the middle finger and ring finger to the thumb and practice for 20 minutes minimum.
Benefits of Apana Mudra

  • For urine flow or those who have urine problem like yellowish urine –
  • Reduces swelling in the body due to stress
  • Works on the Excretory system for rejuvenation.
  • excellent for relieving problems like Piles – smoothens and makes the excretion easier, relieves constipation.
  • Also helps in eliminating Gall stones elimination, kidney stones

2)Heart mudra

Element – Fire (thumb) + Space (middle finger) + Earth (ring finger), index finger bent
This mudra literally relieves the problems associated with the Heart and circulatory system. it helps to detoxify and cleanse the body with the supply of more oxygen to the heart thereby increasing the heart’s power and function.

How to practice – Bend the index finger and place it at the base of the thumb., touching the thumb to the middle and ring fingers

Benefits of Heart Mudra

    • improves circulation of blood in the body, regulates heart and improves flow in heart region.
    • It thins the blood and thereby reduces symptoms of heart attack.
    • It is relevant in the treatment of Asthma, migraine.
    • Also soothes and relieves Varicose veins.

3)Dhyana mudra

Element –
Dhyana mudra is a popular mudra often seen practiced by Lord Buddha. It is often used for meditative purpose as it signifies peace and focus.

How to practice – simply rest the 4 fingers of right hand above the fingers of the left and and touch both the thumbs lightly. Alternate after some time and practice with calm and peace.

Benefits of Dhyana Mudra

    • helps in focus and attentive meditation
    • Brings peace to the mind

4)Ganesh mudra

Element –
Named after the deity Ganesha – this mudra removes obstacles and blockages in the body and mind – and thereby helps to follow vows. This mudra is often practiced before the beginning of any ritual or sacrifice to maintain sanctity and uphold the vows.

How to practice – bring the hands together and clasp s until the fingers lock together and grasp each other. The thumbs simply rest on top of the little finger of the opposite hand, as they are softly yet energetically pulled apart without releasing the grip.

Benefits of Ganesh Mudra

    • Helps to remove mental blockages
    • Helps in maintaining vows

5)Rudra mudra

Element – Fire (Thumb) + Space (middle finger) + Earth (Ring finger)
This mudra is named after Shiva – and brings strength and mental clarity

How to practice – touch the thumb to the tips of the middle and ring finger, leaving the other 2 fingers straight

Benefits of Ganesh Mudra

    • Helps in gaining mental clarity and peace.
    • Increases overall strength of body and mind

6)Surya mudra

Element – Fire (Thumb) + Earth (Ring finger)
This mudra is named after the deity of Sun god or Surya. It is much significant for increasing heat or the digestive fire as the Sun represents fire.

How to practice – touch the thumb on the first phalanx of the folded Ring finger and keep rest of the fingers straight.

Benefits of Surya Mudra

    • Improves metabolism, promoting weight loss
    • Increases heat in the body
    • Improves the digestive fire