The levels of Concentration

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Meditation, Yoga

The concentration of the mind is defined at five levels. These are determined from the lowest to the topmost level of attention.

Kshipta or Scattered: The first state of mind is called kshipta, which means scattered. The mind is all over the place without any aim or concentration. This happens when the mind is in the mode of ignorance. If not subdued, such a mind is our enemy can take our life in the wrong direction powered by unfulfilled desires.

Vikshipta or Sometimes scattered: The modes act on us in a mixed manner. Sometimes when the mode of goodness dominates, the mind is concentrated. Otherwise, due to the influence of modes of passion and ignorance, the mind gets scattered. So sometimes focused and sometimes not.

Mudha or stupid: When the mind is very lusty, greedy, or angry, it performs stupidity. When these bad qualities dominate the mind, it forces us to perform stupid things without our control. This happens mainly when intense passion and ignorance dominate the mind.

Ekāgra: Ekāgra or concentrated. When the mode of goodness is highly predominant, the mind becomes concentrated. The practice of yoga brings a discipline that purifies our bad habits and gets the mind to concentrate. A focused mind is our best friend of the soul. Concentration is also the first step in achieving success.

Niruddha or Transcendental: A pure mind which has eliminated all traces of passion and ignorance is a pure or transcendental mind. Such a mind is like a jewel that reflects the pure soul and experiences higher happiness.