Gana Kootam

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Astrology, Marriage Match Making

Ganam (SobhanamGanamEvacha) – 4 points

Ganam is the second among the ten kootams (the Dinam) being the first). Ganam considers the matching of both the boy and the girl’s nature to assure compatibility of mind, body, and sensuality after marriage.

Ganam is of three types: Deva, Manushya and Rakshasa.

People under the Deva Ganam are religious, well behaved and pious.

Those under the influence of manushya ganam are Rajasik in behaviour and are a mix of both good and bad in their behaviour. They are good sometimes and at other times hostile.

Those under rakshasa ganam who are under the mode of ignorance are usually very badly behaved.

These are only indicators and different planetary positions and ones practice of yoga and spirituality can change that.

Nakshatra classification

Deva Ganam      Manushya Ganam        Rakshasa Ganam
Aswini       Bharani           Krittika
Mrigashirsha       Rohini           Ashlesha
Punarvasu       Ardra           Magha
Pushya      Purva Phalguni           Chitra
Hasta      Uttara Phalguni           Vishaka
Swati      Purva Ashada           Jyeshta
Anuradha      Uttara Ashada           Moola
Shravana      Purva Bhadrapada           Dhanistha
Revati      Uttara Bhadrapada           Shatabhisaa
  • If both bride and groom are Deva ganam then the match is excellent.
  • If both bride and groom are Manushya ganam then it is still considered agreeable.
  • If both are Rakshasa ganam then its not at all considered good.
  • If the bride comes under deva ganam and the groom under manushya ganam or vice versa, their match is considered a somewhat okay match
  • If the groom is of the Rakshasa ganam and the girl is either a Deva ganam or a Manushya ganam, the match is mediocre.
  • if the bride is of the Rakshasa ganam and the boy is of any other gana, the match is considered is not recommended