Food for the Soul

by | Oct 31, 2020 | Ayurveda and Diet, Yoga

Introduction to our book

Title : Food for the soul

Food for the soul is designed to assist you in fasting, cleansing, or post fasting maintenance of health. Even if you are not fasting, the recipes here are very healthy and help you maintain good health. Those practicing Yoga or looking for healthy food options will love this book. The book begins with lemonades that are very beneficial for fasting, keeping ourselves hydrated, or helping in weight loss.

Excellent hot herbal teas are the next section. Hot herbal teas get your circulation going. When infused with proper herbs, teas can have a magical medicinal effect on the mind and body. 
The next section on smoothies is a carefully crafted combination of fruits and nuts, which are very nutritious and very delectable. They are midway between a full fast or a full meal but are very filling, keeping us light and active. 

After detoxing lemonades, herbs, and smoothies, we present sprouts and salads as a wholesome, juicy, and healthy means of building up your strength. Sprouts are full of life energy, prana. When slightly cooked and combined with delicious salads and mouthwatering dressing, it can become a full superfood meal! 

A stand-alone apple sauce is an excellent, easy dish for any day. Fasting or not, apple sauce is exceptional. Yogic scriptures say food should be easy to digest. Soups are, in one sense, ready to digest food. Hot, full of energy, and easily circulate in the body, soups are good on any given day. 

Frying is generally not considered to be healthy. However, it tastes good. One can get the same taste with baking. The next section, Baking Over Frying, has baked banana, falafel, samosa, quinoa superfood burger, and asparagus baked, making this section very interesting. 
Food is eaten in combinations, like a salad with salad dressings, burgers with sauce and dips, and so on. Our Chakra Chutney Corner introduces several chutneys that are good with any food, very healthy, and delectable.

Cleansing is the beginning of yoga practices. To attain and maintain good results of cleansing, khichris are the best dishes. Very simple and easy to make, we have added superfood quinoa to the khichris. 

The radiant rice section is full of wonderful rice recipes. These range from sweet blueberry rice to traditional lali lemon rice. Wild rice is considered very nutritious, and we have included a wild rice stirfry. Check out this section for rice wonders. 

Finally, we introduce “Wonder Recipes” These wonder recipes range from simple chips to healthy pizzas. Vegetable Spaghetti, veggie burgers, jackfruit burgers included, we have tried our best to be innovative in turning regular dishes into healthy, tasty eats. This section also includes Moringa superfood splatters, which are a unique way of having a superfood. Since we are from south India, we have some unique south Indian dishes which are tasty and healthy in themselves, presented here with a personal touch. 

All in all, these 100 recipes are our hard and heartfelt efforts to bring about good health to all of you. 

Yogi Nataraj Das and Sundari Dasi

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