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Yogi Nataraj Homeslide
Yogi Nataraj Homeslide
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Yoga is the art of healing
Yogi Nataraj

Yogi Nataraj is an Author, Master Yoga teacher, Astrologer, Marriage counselor, Yogic diet consultant and spiritually a Bhakti yoga practitioner.


Yoga is the art of healing the body and mind. Recharging your energy and discovering the joyous self.


There is a reason we are born. We are all on a mission from where we left off in our past lives.


“Mudita” in Sanskrit means to be happy. When our bodies and mind are free from disease, we can experience…

About Me

Yogi Nataraj is an Author, Master Yoga teacher, Astrologer, Marriage counselor, Yogic diet consultant and spiritually a Bhakti yoga practitioner. He has traveled all over India and the United States teaching yoga and counseling individuals and families using traditional sciences like Yoga and astrology.

He is available for counseling, in person classes, Online classes and Astrology consultations.

Author : Yogi Nataraj has authored three editions of the yoga book

Yogi Nataraj

Master Yoga teacher



Krsna Yoga – The comprehensive guide to
inner secrets of yoga.

This book is a masterpiece which lucidly explains the origin and functions of the mind, the inner aspects and functions of yoga and explores the depths of meditation, the chakras, energy centers and samadhi. Its a must read for all yoga practitioners.

He is also the co-author of the book “Food For The Soul”with his wife and Ayurvedic Chef Sundari Dasi. They both conduct Vegan cooking workshops and detox Retreats based on the book.

Master Yoga Teacher

Yogi Nataraj practices traditional Ashtanga Yoga and specializes in all the limbs including Deeper meditation on chakras and the samadhi aspects. He also specializes in Yoga Nidra and healing meditation.


Yogi Nataraj is a traditional astrologer and especially focuses on spiritual counseling. He specializes in marriage counseling and helps yogis and spiritually inclined couples with proper roadmap for a harmonious life.


Healing Mudras: Yoga of the Hands

Mudra is an seal or an energy circuit which begins at the tips of the fingers connecting all the chakras and energy systems in the body. The five fingers represent the five elements of the body namely earth, water, fire , air and ether. These mudras have very powerful healing and rejuvenating effects on our body and minds. We are glad to present this wonderful book Healing Mudras in which these healing mudra combinations have presents systematically. These are tried and tested formulas where practitioners have experienced improvements in chronic health issues like diabetes, enhanced levels of concentration and more profound wellness. You can order this book on amazon prime at this link

Workshops offered

Yogi Nataraj is based in Las Vegas, NV and travels all around the
USA conducting workshops.

Yogi Nataraj
  • Understanding yoga from its Roots
  • Yoga Nidra and Meditation
  • Food For the soul
  • Bhakti- The purest form of yoga
  • Mind- Its understanding and functions
  • Astrology Study